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Stomach Meridian Points List

Point Name English
St-1 Chengqi Container of Tears
St-2 Sibai Four Whites
St-3 Juliao Great Crevice
St-4 Dicang Earth Granary
St-5 Daying Great Welcome
St-6 Jiache Jaw Bone
St-7 Xiaguan Below the Joint
St-8 Touwei Head’s Binding
St-9 Renying Man’s Welcome
St-10 Shuitu Water Prominence
St-11 Qishe Abode of Qi
St-12 Quepen Empty Basin
St-13 Qihu Qi Door
St-14 Kufang Storehouse
St-15 Wuyi Room Screen
St-16 Yingchuang Breast Window
St-17 Ruzhong Middle of the Breast
St-18 Rugen Root of the Breast
St-19 Burong Not Contained
St-20 Chengman Supporting Fullness
St-21 Liangmen Beam Gate
St-22 Guanmen Pass Gate
St-23 Taiyi Supreme Unity
St-24 Huaroumen Slippery Flesh Gate
St-25 Tianshu Heaven’s Pivot
St-26 Wailing Outer Mound
St-27 Daju The Great
St-28 Shuidao Water Passage
St-29 Guilai Return
St-30 Qichong Rushing Qi
St-31 Biguan Thigh Gate
St-32 Futu Crouching Rabbit
St-33 Yinshi Yin Market
St-34 Liangqiu Ridge Mound
St-35 Dubi Calf’s Nose
St-36 Zusanli Leg Three Miles
St-37 Shangjuxu Upper Great Void
St-38 Tiaokou Lines Opening
St-39 Xiajuxu Lower Great Void
St-40 Fenglong Abundant Bulge
St-41 Jiexi Stream Divide
St-42 Chongyang Rushing Yang
St-43 Xiangu Sunken Valley
St-44 Neiting Inner Courtyard
St-45 Lidui Strict Exchange

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