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Learn Some Basics about Acupressure, Mudra & Yoga before going to the website.

Acupressure Therapy


Acupressure is an alternative Therapy derived from Acupuncture.

In Acupressure manual pressure is used instead of needles.

Acupuncture & Acupressure use the same principles

How to cure diseases with acupressure?

Just Press, Press, Press.

By applying pressure on your body you can cure your diseases.

How does Acupressure work?

It is worked on the concept of life energy also called ( Qi energy / Chi Energy ) which flows through Meridians in our body.

Any Blockage in this meridian cause diseases.

By applying Physical pressure or needle to corresponding points to clear the Blockage in these meridians.


Drink plenty of warm water after the treatment, to help clear the toxic substances in our body.

Dont apply acupressure point:

# During Pregnancy

# After Meals (you can practice acupressure after 1 to 2 Hours)

# After Exercise

# After bath

# Serious Illness

Locating the Points and Meridians:

To get a more exact location it is necessary to measure where these acupressure points are  located by using a measurement known as a “body inch (BI) or CUN.”

1 Cun:


One “body inch” equals one thumb width at the base of the fingernail.

1.5 Cun:


The width of the two forefingers denotes 1.5 cun

3 Cun :


The width of all four fingers side-by-side is three cuns

Mudra Therapy


Mudra Therapy is a Symbolic or Ritual gestures made with fingers. It is a “Natural Therapy” to treat diseases

Our body consists of five elements. Five fingers are represents five elements.

Five elements are

Finger Element
Thumb Finger Fire or Sun
Index Finger Wind or Air
Middle Finger Sky or Space
Ring Finger Earth
Little Finger Water

Excess of Certain Emotions Affects a Particular organs

Emotion Organ
Joy Heart
Fear (Fright) Kidney
Grief (Anxiety) Lungs
Pensiveness Spleen
Anger Liver

By Practicing Mudra therapy you can control these five elements and also cure many diseases.

Mudra is a simple technique to manage your Physical , Mental and Sexual problems.


By practicing yoga you can control your Mind, Body & Soul.

Yoga helps Physical, Mental & Sexual Problems

Yoga helps to Manage Stress, Anxiety & Depression

Yoga Increase your Energy

Yoga improves your Immunity power

By doing yoga poses you can cure and prevent all diseases

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