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Finger Diagnosis Method


In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Ayurveda and Pulse diagnosis we are using        12 organs to find out the diseases.

pulse diagnosis

Same way we can also diagnosis the diseases through our fingers.

In Chinese Medicine, the whole world, including the human body, is viewed through the lens of the 5 Elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Symptoms of disease are also interpreted through this framework.

Our body consists of five elements. Five fingers are representing five elements. Imbalance of these element cause diseases.

Imbalance of Element Causes Disease

Water Earth Fire Air Space
Cold Obesity Fever / Cold Lung Problems Epilepsy
Asthma Cholesterol Mental Problem Large Intestine Problems Eye Problem
Sinusitis Weakness Acidity Nervous Problems Liver Problem
Urination Problem Muscle Problems Loss of Energy Depression Throat Problem
Swelling Stomach Problems Heart Problems Body Pain Thyroid disorders
And etc And etc. And etc. And etc. And etc.

 image003Five Finger & Corresponding Elements

Little finger Water
Ring Finger Earth
Middle Finger Space
Index Finger Air
Thumb Finger Fire

Each finger indicates particular organs in the body.

Little finger Kidney / Bladder
Ring Finger Spleen & Stomach
Middle Finger Liver / Gallbladder
Index Finger Lung / Large Intestine
Thumb Finger Heart / SI

Pericardium / Tw

How to find out disease through our finger?

Just hold tightly each finger 30 to 60 seconds.

If it is feel pain it denotes corresponding organs has some problems.

For example, while holding index finger if it hurts, it denotes lung and large intestine problems.

♦ While holding Middle finger if it hurts, it denotes liver and gallbladder related problems.

Like that we can diagnosis diseases easily.

How to cure?

You can heal yourself with these following methods.

# Acupressure Therapy

# Hand Acupressure Therapy

# Taste Therapy

# Sound Therapy

# Color Therapy

# Metal Therapy

# Mudra Therapy

# Finger Holding Therapy

# Tongue Diagnosis

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