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Triple Warmer Meridian Points List

Triple Warmer Meridian Points List:

Point Name English
TW-1 Guanchong Rushing Pass
TW-2 Yemen Fluid Gate
TW-3 Zhongzhu Central Islet
TW-4 Yangchi Yang Pool
TW-5 Waiguan Outer Pass
TW-6 Zhigou Branch Ditch
TW-7 Huizong Ancestral Meeting
TW-8 Sanyangluo Three Yang Meeting
TW-9 Sidu Four Rivers
TW-10 Tianjing Heavenly Well
TW-11 Qinglengyuan Clear Cold Abyss
TW-12 Xiaoluo Dispersing Luo River
TW-13 Naohui Upper Arm Meeting
TW-14 Jianliao Shoulder Crevice
TW-15 Tianliao Heavenly Crevice
TW-16 Tianyou Window of Heaven
TW-17 Yifeng Wind Screen
TW-18 Qimai Spasm Vessel
TW-19 Luxi Skull’s Rest
TW-20 Jiaosun Minute Angle
TW-21 Ermen Ear Gate
TW-22 Erheliao Ear Harmony Crevice
TW-23 Sizhukong Silken Bamboo Hollow

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