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5 Home Remedy for Menopause

1. Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are the best home remedy for menstrual problem. Eating a handful of seeds is very effective for Menopause.

sesame seed

Other Benefits of Sesame Seeds

  • Fight Cancer
  • Good for Heart
  • Reduce Hypertension
  • Improve Digestion
  • Prevent Diabetes
  • Prevent Heart Disease
  • Good for Skin
  • Good for Hair
  • Good for Bone Health
  • Boost Metabolism

2. Ginger

Adding ginger in your diet is very effective for menstrual problem. You can also take as a ginger tea.


Other Benefits of Ginger

  • Good for Digestion
  • Boost Immunity Power
  • Helps to reduce pain
  • Fight with Cancer
  • Weight Loss
  • Lower Cholesterol
  • Remove Excess Gas
  • Treat Diarrhea
  • Increase Sexual Activity
  • Improve Bone health

3. Cinnamon

Cinnamon has anti inflammatory properties that can help menstrual problem. Take one tablespoon cinnamon powder with hot water or milk.


Other benefits of Cinnamon

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Mood Enhancer
  • Improve sexual health
  • Lower bad cholesterol
  • Protect heart health
  • Fight with diabetes
  • Improve cognitive function
  • Anti infection

4. Basil Leaves

Basil leaves can treat your menstrual problem. Chew some basil leaves helps relieve from period problem.


Other benefits of basil leaves

  • Good for Anxiety and Depression
  • Increase Libido
  • Improve Digestion
  • Good for Heart Health
  • Fights Cancer
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Prevents Diabetes
  • Boost Immunity Power
  • Treat Sore Throat
  • Improve Oral health

5. Fennel

Fennel Seeds gives you good digestion and also relieves menstrual problem. You can chew the seeds or you can boil it in water and drink it.


Other benefits of Fennel Seeds

  • Good for constipation
  • Reduce heart diseases
  • Gives Immunity power
  • Good for respiratory system
  • Remove bad breath
  • Anemia
  • Regulate your blood pressure
  • Skin health
  • Fight with Cancer
  • Good for Acidity

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