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Cerebral Palsy

  • 5 Home Remedy for Cerebral Palsy

    1. Ginger Ginger has an antihistamine and anti inflammatory properties. Daily adding ginger in your diet is very effective to reduce inflammation and pain. You can also take as a […]

  • 2 Mudra for Cerebral Palsy

    Gyan Mudra How to do it? Sit comfortable and join the tips of Index finger and Thumb finger  Vaayan Mudra How to do it? Keep the tip of the Index finger and Middle finger on the tip […]

  • 5 Acupressure point for Cerebral Palsy

    CV 12 Location 4 CUN above the navel (Belly Button) GV 26 Location Midway between the nose and the upper lip. P 6 Location The width of two thumbs (Cun) […]


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