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Denture / Teeth Pain

  • 5 Home Remedy for Teeth Pain

    1. Salt Water Gargling with salt water can reduce teeth pain. Add one tablespoon salt into a glass of warm water and gargle it 3 to 4 times a day. […]

  • 2 Mudra for Denture / Teeth Pain

    Apan vayu Mudra How to do it? Sit comfortable and touch the tip of the Middle and Ring fingers to the tip of Thumb finger. Keep the tip of the […]

  • Yoga Pose for Teeth Pain

    Sarvangasana Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand Pose) How to do it? First lie on your Back Slowly raise your legs and bring it to 90 degree Try to be in this posture […]

  • 5 Acupressure point for Denture / Teeth Pain

    GV 26 Location Midway between the nose and the upper lip. LI 4 Location LI 4 point is located at the highest point of the muscle when thumb and index […]


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