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  • 5 Home Remedy for Sciatica

    1.  Massage Massage is the best home remedy for sciatica. Gently massage on the affected area can helps to reduce pain. Other Benefits of Massage Good for Anxiety and Depression […]

  • Mudra for Sciatica

    Vayu Mudra How to do it? Keep the tip of the Index finger on the base of Thumb finger  Note: For best results do it 15 – 30 minutes

  • Yoga Pose for Sciatica

    Setu Bandhasana Setu Bandhasana (Bridge Pose) How to do it? First lie on your back Keep your feet hip distance apart on the floor Lift your back (Lower, Upper and […]

  • 3 Acupressure point for Sciatica

    GB 34 Location Slightly below the level of the bottom on the kneecap, on the outer side of the leg, in the slight depression formed when the knee is completely […]


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