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  • Small Intestine Meridian Points List

    Small Intestine Meridian Points List Point Name English SI-1 Shaoze Lesser Marsh SI-2 Qiangu Front Valley SI-3 Houxi Back Stream SI-4 Wangu Wrist Bone SI-5 Yanggu Yang Valley SI-6 Yanglao […]

  • Bladder Meridian Points List

    Bladder Meridian Points List Point Name English Bl-1 Jingming Bright Eyes Bl-2 Zanzhu Gathered Bamboo Bl-3 Meichong Eyebrows’ Pouring Bl-4 Quchai Crooked Curve Bl-5 Wuchu Fifth Place Bl-6 Chengguang Receiving […]

  • Kidney Meridian Points List

    Kidney Meridian Points List Point Name English Kd-1 Yong Quan Gushing Spring Kd-2 Rangu Nature Valley Kd-3 Taixi Supreme Stream Kd-4 Dazhong Great Bell Kd-5 Shuiquan Water Spring Kd-6 Zhaohai […]

  • Chest Acupressure Points

    C 17 / CV 17:   Location:  C 17 / CV 17 (Conception Vessel) Acupressure point is located In men, on the mid line of the chest between the two […]

  • Pericardium Meridian Points List

    Pericardium Meridian Points List Point Name English Pc-1 Tianchi Heavenly Pool Pc-2 Tianquan Heavenly Spring Pc-3 Quze Marsh at the Crook Pc-4 Ximen Xi-Cleft Gate Pc-5 Jianshi Intermediate Messenger Pc-6 […]

  • Triple Warmer Meridian Points List

    Triple Warmer Meridian Points List: Point Name English TW-1 Guanchong Rushing Pass TW-2 Yemen Fluid Gate TW-3 Zhongzhu Central Islet TW-4 Yangchi Yang Pool TW-5 Waiguan Outer Pass TW-6 Zhigou […]

  • Governing Vessel Meridian Points List

    Governing Vessel Meridian Points List Point English GV-1 Long and Rigid GV-2 Low Back Transporter GV-3 Low Back Yang Passage GV-4 Life Gate GV-5 Suspended Pivot GV-6 Middle of the […]

  • Head Acupressure Points

    Head Acupressure Points: Some of the Head Acupressure points are given below: GV 20 or DU 20:Location:GV can be found by drawing a line between the middle of both ears […]

  • Introduction

    This Website Mainly focus on Acupressure Therapy Mudra Yoga Home Remedy (In Process) Learn Some Basics about Acupressure, Mudra & Yoga before going to the website. Acupressure Therapy Acupressure is […]

  • Acupressure Point for Self Confidence

    LV 1 Location LV 1 located on the big toe, at the bottom corner of the nail Note: Just Press this Point 60 secs to 90 secs Repeat it 2 […]


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